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Work Related

If your loved one suffered from an accident at work, their dependents may be entitled to benefits. Work-related deaths commonly occur due to an accident at work. However, a person can sustain a work-related death without specific accidents. For instance, if someone suffers from a stroke, it could be due to work-related factors, such as repetitive stress from the job.

Every year work-related death Los Angeles cause immense pain and suffering to hundreds of thousands of employees and their near ones. If your relative or near one succumbed to death due to workplace injury or due to inadequate safety measures at the workplace, then work-related death attorney in Los Angeles at Sessom Law can help you get the appropriate compensation and other benefits.

Workplace Related

Workplace related death lawsuits can be challenging to prosecute requiring professional testimony from reliable work injury medical practitioners, and expert legal representation. Sessom Law Firm has years of experience handling challenging workplace injury and death litigation involving death due to work stress, defective machinery, improper safety measures, exposure to harmful chemicals, chemical burns, poor workplace lighting, slippery surfaces, caught in machinery deaths, and so on.

We have handled and prosecuted hundreds of workplace death related cases and recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlements against many employers for their unlawful or negligent business practices. Our experienced and professional legal team profoundly cares for all clients. We share your goal to ensure that justice is served and full compensation for the death of your dear one in the workplace recovered. We are passionate for the practice of law and zealously and vigorously litigate your case until justice is served and victory is achieved.

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