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Cumulative Trauma
(CT) Injuries

Occur due to repetition over time.  Often workers’ are unaware that they have sustained a cumulative trauma injury.  These type of injuries are often diagnosed by doctors and can take years to develop.  Common examples of cumulative trauma injuries are:

  • carpal tunnel due to typing at work or performing repetitive work with hands
  • orthopedic injuries due to repetitive work over time.  Bending, lifting and carrying objects at work can cause repetitive trauma to the body.  If those aches and pains get worse over time due to repetitive work, you may be suffering from a cumulative trauma injury.

In Los Angeles, most employees are likely aware that they may file claims for compensation and benefits with their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance carriers with the help of a cumulative trauma injury attorney in Los Angeles if they are injured at the workplace. While many employees think about single incidents that result in injuries when they consider filing a workers compensation claim, cumulative trauma and work-related injuries are also compensable under the state’s workers’ compensation system. If you have developed an injury over a period of time because of the nature of your work, an experienced CT Injury Attorney in Los Angeles may help you to recover compensation and benefits.

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If you have suffered a severe or cumulative injury or condition that you think is related to your current or former employment, it is best for you to pursue help from an experienced lawyer at Sessom Law Firm. An attorney may be able to secure the medical and diagnostic tests and to trace your injury or condition back to your job. This may help you to secure the compensation and benefits that you should be entitled to receive so that you can have a significant financial safety need to meet your needs.

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